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Dist assists founders and startups in building their business and product. We combine your ideas with our design expertise to ensure success, whether you're aiming for pre-seed or Series A.

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Propware develops software for real estate lawyers, simplifying the process of property transactions. Dist built the brand, design system and product designs.

Relato provides a content operations platform for freelancers, marketing teams and agencies. Dist built the brand, design system and product designs.

Propr is a service for selling private property without a real-estate agent. Dist positioned and built the brand, design system and product designs.

Breyta is a data platform to supercharge your current CRM. Dist positioned the brand, built the design system and designed the product. Work done in collaboration with Behalf.


Fjord sells their expertise as Marketing-as-a-Service. Dist built the brand and created a design system for all digital products.

Waved delivers automatic sound regulation using sensor technology. Dist built the brand, design system and various pitch decks.

Teston was a digital user-testing platform, acquired by UserTesting in 2020. Dist co-founded the business, built the brand and did the initial product designs. Work done in collaboration with Joakim Bording.


Svenn builds project management tools for craftsmen and builders. Dist built the revised brand and designed the website. Work done in collaboration with Behalf.


Dealflow is one of Norway's largest crowdfunding platforms. Dist created the logotype.

Norwegian In-Flight Entertainmeny system

Norwegian is one of Norway's largest airlines. Dist built a revised design system for the In-Flight Entertainment system. Work done in collaboration with Iconwerk, Netlife Design and Panasonic.

At your service

The studio is led by Gustav Jönsson, an interdisciplinary designer with 20 years of experience in strategy, business, branding, UI/UX, and product development. We work either as a fully independent unit or as an integrated extension of your existing team. We can take lead or assist on one or all of the following activities:

  • Advice on your business idea
  • Prototype your product concept
  • Help you find the right market fit
  • First iteration on brand and design
  • Design your brand and product
  • Build a scalable design system
  • Implement components in React
  • Build a successful pitch deck
  • Find talent for your team to succeed

Skin in the game

Dist offers selected early-stage companies alternative payment models that involve shared risk and future opportunities. Our team engages in this approach only when leading the initial process of branding and product design.


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